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2 Week Gut Health Paleo Cleanse: Week #1

Let talk a little about why I decided to do this cleanse?

The main reason for me doing this cleanse was to give my inside a detox from all the hard work I have put it through in the past two and half years. I started to see the effects of my lifestyle on my face, which we can't have that now can we? Lol . The last sign I needed a cleanse was when I stumbled upon a tweet that listed all of the symptoms of needing a Gut cleanse, I had them ALL!

Symptoms you need a Gut Health Cleanse :

  1. Bloating

  2. Constipation & diarrhea

  3. Fatigue

  4. Depression

  5. Allergies

  6. Skin issues

  7. Mood swings

  8. Headaches

Clearly it was time to DETOX dat ASS!! So I set a Google Task to remind me for the next 2 weeks that we are on a cleanse. So far I have only been craving french fries and donuts. My skin is getting better and I started my cycle so I have been a little moody and fatigued. Outside of that drag, I have been in a more clear mind state and have been very productive in my personal / business affairs. For next week. I plan to introduce exercise back into the mix. So let me tell you what I have decided to consume/ not consume.

Cleanse Details :

- Only allowed myself 3 glasses of wine a week (it's part of my job!)

- No Carbs ( pasta , rice, potatoes )

- Only natural sugars

- Double if not triple the amount of Veggie intake

-High Protein products (High Quality or Halal) foods : Eggs, Oats, Cottage Cheese, Greek Yogurt, Lean Beef, Turkey Breast, Almonds, Lentils, Pumpkin seeds, Fish + Shrimp.

Day Time Supplements:

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Night time Supplements:

The Elxr Co - Detox & Nourish (use code LINGERIELASHES to get 5% off)

I first learned about this Detox & Nourish from the beautiful twins over at VGNAF ( Click to check out their blog)

Each of these supplements are plant based and intelligently formulated for the best results. They each support healthy skin and immune system. But most important they boosts good bacteria within the gut. Which is the whole reason for the cleanse. **DISCLAIMER: We, by no means are doctor's so take at your own risk, only sharing with you what we stand by/use.

Week #1: Summary

Now for a full week I can say this cleanse has been rewarding, eye opening and hard all at the same time. I have to admit that I feel off the wagon on Saturday, but who could say no to fine Caviar, delicious Champagne, and live Jazz with a front row seat? I couldn’t , it would have been rude. I have to admit that it is difficult to actively self discipline ones self.

I also noticed how creative I began to get with my cooking. One I wanted spring rolls and decided to. make collard green spring rolls with shrimp. I even made my own Walnut dipping sauce ( No peanuts for me or peanut butter.) To check out that recipe, click the photo below .

Breakfast even got a little jazzy. I threw together what might be my new favorite Oats recipe. COCONUT APPLE !! You have to try it out.Here is the recipe. Save it and Tell us on Pinterest if you use it.

Anyone that has done any type of cleanse, you know that your everyday life has to keep going, especially as a Entrepreneur. The day is forever moving and you have to eat when / where you can . Lucky for me , living in the Bay Area is all in on healthy foods . While in Napa Valley, CA handling some business (stay tuned for a huge announcement) , had the pleasure of stopping into NékterJuice Bar in Napa. Ended up getting a Green Apple Detox Juice and a Dragon Fruit Bowl, no bananas please. Next time I will for sure get the agave drizzle on top. Cute little surf looking juice bar, had a smell of fresh carrots and apples. Just breathing in I felt a little more healthy ( with my mask on ).

Check back for Week #2 to see what recipes and other updates regarding this cleanse. We are adding exercise into the mix. While you're at it get you some sexy active wear to prepare for the week. Or do what I do most of the time, and clean or run errand in, but looking cute! Booty popping in my biker shorts .

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Lingerie Lashes
29. 3. 2023

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