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How to Deep Clean your Makeup brushes + Sponges in under 2 mins of $2

Did you know that ZOTE is made of coconut oil, and citronella oils. Making it organic and safe for people with Sensitive skin. Yass! That's why we use it as a HOLY GRAIL. It does wonders on whites and cleans them make-up brushes like not one's business ! You have to be silly to not pick this soak up at your local Dollar Tree , Walmart, Target , or where every you can find it in you city. ( We are in the Bay Area , CA )

-Gets rid of body soil stains such as oils and even blood in fabrics / clothing

-Can be used to make homemade laundry detergent as it is non-abrasive for delicates.

Cleaning your brushes daily is suggested but weekly is mandated by the court of Beauty and Sexy skin!

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