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Meet the Floral Designer and owner of the Sustainable brand Carnations By Cassie, Cassandra D.

Meet the business owner and designer, Cassie Duran of Carnations by Cassie.

"I am a designer and an artist at my core. My mother was a master ceramicist, who designed original pieces, understanding glaze chemistry so that she could make her own glazes. Her father was a professional photographer having worked for photography companies in Rochester, NY such as GAF and Kodak. He later went on to become a professor of Emeritus of photography at the Rochester Institute for Technology.

It was there my mother learned the art of pottery from a Master Potter, Archaeologist and former Dean of the College of Fine & Applied Arts at RIT, Dr. Robert Johnston. I grew up in my mother’s pottery studio and being that she practiced an art form literally of the earth, she instilled an appreciation for not only design but of nature and mother earth herself. This is what inspired the ethos for Carnations by Cassie. I have always loved floral design, and being that my mother grew many orchids in her original pieces, I grew an affinity for floral art featured in handmade pottery.

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My niece, who lived with my husband and I for three years is a potter, and I recruited her to make custom pieces for my floral designs. I wanted to find

the most locally sourced flowers I could, and eventually grow them myself as well, so that my designs would feature art and artists of Napa and the surrounding areas. Sourcing locally first has always been the goal of Carnations by Cassie, and because of that I dry flowers throughout the year to ensure that I will have local flowers year round. If I use imported flowers, I work with small, and family owned companies who have personal relationships with their flower farmers worldwide and have high standards for the ethical and fair treatment of flower farmers that are equal to the ethical and sustainable practices for the farming of those flowers. The goal is to be local first and source out from there. I therefore of course, do not use single use, toxic floral foam and really no one should! There are so many better options out there to make floral installations and arrangements that are sustainable and eco-friendly without compromising design concepts.

Cassandra at HVH specialty growers in Fairfield

When you choose Carnations by Cassie, you are supporting not only your local flower farmer and artist, but you are supporting my unique vision, designs and philosophy. This isn’t your walk in flower shop! Not that I don’t love my local flower shop, because I do! But, my designs are that, designed and curated for an even more wonderful way to share your love for others with the gift of custom floral art!

The first designs that gave spark to Carnations by Cassie as a business were my mini arrangements.

The original designs were in square glass jars, that looked like cupcakes and confections featuring one of my favorite flowers for their resilience, lovely smell and wide variety of colors and textures. I loved that I could combine them to make one larger statement piece, or spread them out to spatter little bits of beauty around my space. I loved that they were so small that I could easily take them with me when I travel, and they were lovely gifts for my friends. A bit of luxury daily just for you. I love large arrangements and design large pieces and

installations, but the minis are a staple for me, and will always be at the core of my philosophy that flowers are one of the many ways that we can promote better well-being in our lives. That is why we should treat ourselves and our loved ones to flowers as much as possible!

Thank you for supporting your local, Latina owned business!"

Use code IGLOVE25 and 25% off orders of 2 or more minis through the month of March 2023. Check out Cassandra's website for more beautiful floral designs .


Mar 23, 2023

Beautiful 🖤 excited to pick one for my home.


Lingerie Lashes
Lingerie Lashes
Mar 23, 2023

Love that she uses sustainable measures in her designs !! Beautiful work .

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