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Travel + Taste w/ me : Soul Popped Gourmet Popcorn in Austin , TX

Left home without a birthday outfit. Any lady that is human knows that feeling of "WTF am I even going to do!" Lucky for me shopping is a hobby so it was easy to make time to hit up the mall in Austin.

Strolling about I found this what I call "Mamacita" stores and had to pop in. I just knew they would keep true to what energy I wanted to give " SEXY , SHORT, and FANCY " yes all of that. To no shock and all over joy , I found a perfect little black sparkly dress. Only one in the store and fit like a glove. Grabbed her and had to bale fast before I missed my reservations a 3 Forks , which was not going to happen ( I mean it was my birthday day). In a rush I stopped....did I smell yummy goodness that I needed to have? But where was it coming from in this big ass mall (yes ,everything is bigger in Texas, I liked it).

As I begin to speed walk and sniff like a dog at TSA , I found what triggered me ... SOUL POPPED GOURMET POPCORN !! At last, over joyed, I began to do a little shuffle and started to read the menu, all the offerings. My indecisive I want it all attitude was getting the best of me, we must try them all.

Greeted with LOVE and amazing goddess energy by the owner De J. Lozada. I was even more excited to order once I found out that it was her business. Such an inspiration. She had her mother and son working there along with another young lady that helped me craft the perfect "Macaroni + Cheese mixed with BBQ" popcorn combo I had ever had. Might just end up making that dish it was so good. Everyone was sooo pleasant and as soon as I told them it was my birthday they insisted on giving me something to take with me.

I ended up leaving with parmesan + bbq pork skins , chicken-n-waffles popcorn, macaroni & cheese with bbq popcorn and another one that I can't remember because I ate it all on the car ride back to the hotel.

After savoring the pork skins for the remainder of my trip. I took home the chicken-n- waffles to get my cousin to try it who is a Vegan, when I say she did a double take at the bag and started asking all these questions about it . I knew it wasn't just me , this place was ....goooodt (licks fingers). So if you're ever in the Austin mall and need a snack or want to have everyone love you at the next party, check out Soul Popped Gourmet Popcorn.

Visit & order here :

Follow them @soul_popped_nation

Black women owned & family operated.

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Jan 21, 2023

Just bought some of this popcorn because of this post! Thanks

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