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VLOG : Content week w/ the CEO

Hey there Sexy Beautiful Thang,

Hope you are doing amazing , if you not " who do we have to beat up and spray with Lysol ? " We got your back ! Don't you worry 😉👌🏾.

Speaking of having someones back , have you check out our NEW YOUTUBE video ? OMG your missing out! We take you behind the scenes of our latest campaign. You get to step into the CEO shoes ( hope you can fit a size 9.5). You get to see what 5 day of content creations looks like along with managing my other portions of business. Omg I am tired already just thinking of how much prep and work goes into being a Sexy Serial Entrepreneur , it's not easy but you can do it if you have a Plan!

We used the Marketing by Monrae Million Dollar Planner to perfectly plan out this content shoot and I have to say that it was worth every penny ! This planner helped me figure out my budget , who/what I needed to get the content created for best campaign yet. So happy to have found her on IG ! Let tell you SIS has the energy coming from ATL . ( She's not from there, just lives there. ) You can catch her on Lives on IG giving gems on Marketing and Sales for small businesses, if

your one of our SEXY BOSSES !

Check out our video , Subscribe + Comment something you loved about this video in the comments. Before you leave , have you gotten on THE LIST ? Why not? Well d0 it now , I'd hate for to be the last one to find out about all the NEW LAUNCHES and NEW EXCLUSIVE SALES we are having . Click the image below ...


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