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Travel + Taste w/ me : The Best 3 BBQ spots in Austin, Texas

Can I go on the record and say that my life has now been made ... I have enjoyed TEXAS BBQ, it only took 31 years to do so. It is truly something different, even the way they eat it with the pickles and onions !! If your a fellow foodie you know that feeling when you have waited all day to have your one special dish and then it comes exactly how you like it. Well that was how all this BBQ made me feel in Austin, Texas. Didn't know I could feel that way from something I never had before. Let me share with you my findings as I take you with me to the Top 3 MUST TRY BBQ restaurants in Austin, Texas.

Hold on hungry ! Let me give you a little BBQ etiquette with 2 Tips when ordering at any BBQ restaurant.

TIP # 1:

- Always order the restaurants signature dish or meal. You can't go wrong with what they are know for and cook the best. You can say that's rule of thumbs any where.

TIP # 2:

- Ask for our sauce on the side and try each sauce with all the meats. This way you get the perfect bite just right for your palette . Try these exact steps for ultimate bliss: meat, sauce , hot pepper , pickle, onion.

Now since I have taught you some BBQ etiquette let me tell you I have put them in order of how you should go about this sexy food challenge of tasting the BEST BBQ in Austin. Promise me you will come back and tell me what you think.

NOW in this order please:

1. Terry Black's Barbecue - Instagram @terryblacks_bbq - Website

Hand down my favorite of the 3. I can say that because it was the last place that I tried before heading home. I even got a Hot little pit tour from one of the pit masters you can check that out on Tik Toc.

2. The Original Black's Barbecue - Instagram @blacksbbqaustin - Website

If there was anything that you should order at Blacks BBQ in Austin, Texas it is definitely the Ribs ! They melt in your mouth and taste even better when you add their thick BBQ sauce. It's the perfect amount of heat, sweet and smoke in every bite. Black's Barbecue isn't done right if you don't have a cold beer to quench your thirst. I went for the Stash IPA India Pale Ale. Could have had another instead of the mac & cheese.

3. Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ - Instagram @coopersbbq - Website

Coopers BBQ in Austin , TX was the 1st stop when I got off the plane and was a great representation of what was to come on this trip. This was also my first time trying a vinegar based BBQ sauce. Not use to the thin consistency but definitely a must try. Show this photo the person a the counter and comment below your thoughts after indulging. You need all of the sides , Yes all of them !

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Jan 21, 2023

Saving this now ! Thank you. 😊

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