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Measuring a Blazer

Tailoring & Alterations

Whether you're seeking a custom lingerie set, a perfectly fitted swimsuit, or alterations for your favorite piece, Lingerie Lashes® is your destination for tailored excellence. Book your appointment today and let's embark on a tailor fit journey that celebrates your unique style!

New Customers get a special discount on their 1st service. 

How we provide you with Bespoke Elegance...

Buttons and Pockets

Customers choose us for tailoring and custom garment design because of our commitment to delivering personalized, high-quality, and elegant creations that celebrate individuality and comfort, ensuring a unique and delightful experience for every client.

Exclusive VIP Perks

Become part of "THE LIST" for exclusive VIP perks. Members enjoy priority appointments, special offers, and early access to new collections. Your journey with Lingerie Lashes® is not just about garments; it's about an exclusive and personalized experience.

Become a VIP
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