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We are in the Napa Valley Register Newspaper!

Starting a lingerie business can be a daunting task, but with the right resources and knowledge, it can be a rewarding venture. Recently, Lingerie Lashes® was featured in a newspaper write-up by Napa Valley Register, highlighting our success in the industry.

The write-up in Napa Valley Register discussed how Lingerie Lashes® has been able to thrive in a competitive market by staying true to their brand and focusing on creating products that stand out. The article also highlighted the importance of marketing and networking in the lingerie industry, as well as the significance of creating a strong online presence.

In the article CEO / Founder , Thailea B. talks about how starting a lingerie business is not just about creating beautiful pieces but also about understanding your target market. She stresses how important it is to conduct thorough research on what your potential customers are looking for in terms of style, comfort, and pricing. Which will help create a brand that resonates with your target audience and meet their needs. She also emphasizes how crucial it is to pay attention to the quality of your products. No matter how beautiful your lingerie looks, if it's uncomfortable or falls apart after a few washes, customers will not return. Invest in high-quality materials and work with experienced manufacturers to ensure your products are durable and long-lasting.

Thailea goes into a bit about how Marketing is another important aspect of a successful lingerie business. Social media platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, and Pinterest are great tools for showcasing your products and building a following. Collaborating with influencers and bloggers in the fashion industry can also help to increase your brand's visibility and attract new customers.

Starting a lingerie business can be challenging, but with passion, hard work, and attention to detail, it can also be a rewarding and fulfilling venture. Lingerie Lashes® serves as a great example of a company that has achieved success by staying true to its values and creating beautiful, high-quality lingerie that celebrates all shapes and sizes.

Overall, the write-up on Lingerie Lashes® by Napa Valley Register serves as an inspiration for those looking to start their own lingerie business. By focusing on creating high-quality products and staying true to their brand, businesses can thrive in even the most competitive markets.


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