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What to do when you fail in business but are good at marketing, branding , and business strategy

No this doesn’t mean that I completely ended up closing all of my businesses, you can still shop @lingerielashes and @nmpcrystals. We just had to pivot and adjust as the need for my unique talents started and continued to grow. One day when doing a high-level look we analyzed what was and was not working, what my customers were coming to us for, and other key factors. It was then we realized that there was only one thing for us to do, we decided to combine or mature the wholesale sector of our company into a NEW Creative Agency and call it #NMPCreativeAgency

We are so excited to launch this business into the world and see what new opportunities come our way. But before we start sharing our latest venture with you all, let's look back at how we got started in business and how becoming a business owner helped guide our CEO Thailea B. to where she is today.

NMPCreative Agency caters to small businesses and creators. We offer them resources and services needed to launch & scale a profitable and successful brand.

We even offer FREE Business Consultations. You should book with us now, our books filling up quick for this month.

Are you a small business or creator that needs :

Digital Marketing + Branding | Strategy | Back-office set up services | Email Marketing | Event Coordinating | Social Media + Brand Management

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